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1. Jaw Dropping Asses

When you find a girl with a perfect juicy ass and oil her up on the bright porn studio lights, it's a lot like being a jeweler and turning raw gemstones priceless works of art! Smiling sluts love the high gloss BLING of seeing their asses on screen with the bright light bouncing off their butt cheeks. Once she starts moaning in orgasmic bliss you can add to the lube job by splattering your best cumshot all over her hot oiled ass cheeks - that's what Jaw Dropping Asses is all about!

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2. Anal Asap

Enough messing around and wasting time with foreplay. If she wants someone to be romantic and to waste their time kissing and hugging her she can go get herself a girlfriend. When you come over to see her, she knows what's expected of her. Anal ASAP gets right to the naughty action with deep probing anal sex that starts at the rectum and work their way all the way down from there. If she isn't wincing while her butt hole is winking... you just haven't started destroying her ass hard enough yet!

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3. Round Juicy Butts

With one hand on each of her ass cheeks you can get a solid squeeze going as you pry her butt crack apart and slide a finger deep into some Round Juicy Butts! Gorgeous round butts that bounce to the musical beat when you slap them and they continue to bounce back for the next probing finger. Get in behind them and climb aboard so you can get every drop of sticky jizz out of them as you slam her sexy ass full-force and pump your sperm deep inside before watching your internal cumshot slide back out of her ass!

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4. Anal In The Amazon

Filmed exclusively on location in Brazil, this trip through the Amazon of porn features so much ass fucking that you'll wonder if the woman down there every take a break to have lunch! Honestly, if you plan an exotic vacation to somewhere like Brazil and set up some sex with a local hottie - what's the point of doing all that unless you are going to be assfucking those adorable hotties in their mocha colored keesters. Get behind her and shove your dick deep because Anal in The Amazon is what she is all about!

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Ass Pictures

5. Ass Arsenal

Backside bitches are begging you to come check out all the anal big ass action in the Ass Arsenal! It's a huge archive of ass sex with brand name pornstars cracking open their keesters and showing off the gaped out bunghole that everyone is trying to enter. Big dicks lubed up and plunged deep into sexy bubble-butts like a salvo of meat missiles meant to pacify the pucker of today's hottest anal porn whores! All in HD video quality!

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Pictures Army Ass

6. Ass Army

The Ass Army is on the move and they aren't taking any prisoners during this sexy anal campaign. With an international task force of female infantry getting ass fucked during hardcore ground and pound action, Ass Army recruiters are working around the clock to find the next new Colonel Colon or Sergeant Buttfuck for promotion from the lower ranks to the height of the Officer ranks in the only army that understands anal sex is more like a battle for terrain dominance than anything else!

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 And Intensity

7. Anal Intensity

All too often, when a dude ass fucks a girl he misses the opportunity to see her face because he is behind her pounding away on her buttocks for all he's worth. Anal Intensity gives you a new take on hot anal sex by making sure to concentrate on the chick's face long enough for you to look into her eyes and see the layers of emotion washing over her, like waves of sexual energy pulsing through her brain in perfect rhythm with every piston stroke you pump into her ass. It really is that anally intense!

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Pictures Videos Studios

8. Anal Studios

These pornstars have the most beautiful asses around - and instead of teasing with them, they make sure to give plenty of shows featuring just that booty. They love nothing more than to have a big dick tearing up that sweet ass, especially when they've warmed themselves up already with a thick dildo that keeps them wide and ready for the ass reaming that's about to come.

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Videos And Starlets

9. Anal Starlets

Believe it or not, even in contemporary porn, some chicks still don't take it up the ass. Those frigid chicks won't be seen at Anal Starlets where the slogan is "If she won't take it in the butthole, she may as well start finding her ass a taxi home!" Every skank on the Anal Starlets web site is ass sex certified and realizes that getting her butt nailed is the fastest way to turning into the popular porn star she has always dreamed of becoming!

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Pictures Dolls

10. Real DP Dolls

Your friend comes over with a hot girl and tells you he owes you one so he is gonna share her with you. The question you have to ask yourself if top or bottom? Real DP Dolls are always wide open for double penetration sex but they can't choose the hole for you, so what's it gonna be? Ass or pussy? Thankfully you've got all these HD exclusive DP videos to watch while you make up your mind and finally find the right hole to fuck on your friend's girlfriend!

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